Sequential Artist Interview

— 15.01.2019

We are super proud to share Josef’s interview with Sequential the legendary synth brand used in a lot of our music creative. Enjoy!

“Our music style is synthesizer-based, so we have used and worked with many synthesizers. Most of them we’ve replaced one after another, but some, like the Mopho x4, we insist on keeping. For me, an ideal synthesizer is more than a design tool that helps me to create the sounds and melodies of my songs. The ideal synthesizer is an instrument that creates some kind of connection with my inner self, pushes my boundaries, express my musical ideas, and transforms the material-less into the material.”

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Announcement of Isolation

— 15.12.2018

We have been releasing new material every year since forming in 2014. In the spirit of this tradition we continue year, too.

We are excited to announce the upcoming release our new three track ep titled Isolation on 25 of December 2018. The extended play record will include two brand new songs (Fading Into You, Shell We Live In) and a b-side track which will be not placed on our third album in 2019. Isolation will be available in all digital stores!

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Ultranoire plays at W-Fest 2019

— 15.11.2018

W-Fest is a Belgian new wave and synth pop summer festival and we are proud to announce that Ultranoire plays there. The headliners in 2019 are The Human League, And One, VNV Nation, Nitzer Ebb, The Stranglers, Killing Joke, Tony Hadley,  She Wants Revenge.
More info about the festival:
'All roads lead to Amougies...'

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Brief History of Ultranoire

We define our music style as electro-noire. However, we remain inspired by many other musical styles and artists and like to include other styles, unique sound samples and textures when creating our music. Whilst keeping true to our electro-noire roots and Ultranoire’s recognisable sound.

Our band has two members, Josef Stapel (singer/songwriter, composer) and Szilard Kun (keyboardist). Our collaboration started in 2011 when we originally formed the band as the Voyagers whilst living in two different countries.

Josef moved from Germany to Hungary in 2013 and we started an intensive work program in readiness for creating, releasing and performing new material. We released our debut EP ‘Monochrome’ at the end of December 2014 and at the same time changed our band name to Ultranoire for legal reasons.

In April 2015 we released our second EP of four new songs ‘Individual’ evolving the ‘Monochrome’ style and creating a back catalogue for live performances.

Both EP’s have received much critical acclaim and without any strong marketing strategy have become very successful and regularly feature on alternative and digital radio worldwide. We made a mini tour with 10 stations in Hungary, Austria and Germany. 

On 18 of December 2015 our debut album 'Disclosure' was released after signing to our new label ScentAir Records. This album included six songs from our first and second EPs, an instrumental interlude and another four brand new tracks which had never been aired or released before. ‘Disclosure’ became 9th on Poponaut’s sales ranking, 7th place on GEWC (German Electronic WebCharts), and is still played regularly on many alternative radios.

In January of 2017 our second album 'Intronaut' was also released through our collaboration with ScentAir Records. The album became some shades darker then our previous material and became more successful. 'Intronaut' reached 4th on Poponaut's sales ranking charts.

We are currently finalising our third album and on the next three track ep titled 'Isolation' this includes two brand new songs and a b side track from 2015 never before released before. 'Isolaton' will be released by ScentAir Records in December 2018 whilst we maintain our creative momentum leading to a planned third album yet to be titled in 2019.

Ultranoire — Frankfurt am Main, November 27, 2018



Release date: December 27, 2014
Four track debut ep
Self Release



Release date: April 11, 2015
Four track ep
Self Release



Release date: December 18, 2015
Debut album
ScentAir Records



Release date: January 17, 2017
Second album
ScentAir Records.


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